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IBM Research
Almaden Institute

  Almaden Institute

    May 10-11, 2006: Cognitive Computing

Videos and presentations are now available at the and icons. Videos are about 150mb each, and presentations are up to 50mb.
If you have trouble viewing the videos on Mac OS, use VLC.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - Almaden Research Center
8.15  -8.45       Continental Breakfast
8.50  -9.10   Opening Remarks
Dharmendra S. Modha, Chair, 2006 Almaden Institute
Mark Dean, IBM Fellow, VP, Director, Almaden Research Center
9.10  -10.10 Nobelist Gerald Edelman, The Neurosciences Institute: From Brain Dynamics to Consciousness: A Prelude to the Future of Brain-Based Devices
10.10  -10.30       Conversation with Refreshments
10.30  -11.30 Henry Markram, EPFL/BlueBrain: The Emergence of Intelligence in the Neocortical Microcircuit
11.30  -12.30       Lunch
12.30  -1.30 Robert Hecht-Nielsen, UCSD: The Mechanism of Thought
1.30  -2.30 Jeff Hawkins, Palm/Numenta: Hierarchical Temporal Memory: Theory and Implementation
2.30  -3.00       Conversation with Refreshments
3.00  -4.30   Panel: How the brain works, what it computes, and how/when we might build intelligent machines
James Albus (NIST), Theodore Berger (USC), Kwabena Boahen (Stanford),
Ralph Linsker (IBM), Jerry Swartz (The Swartz Foundation)
Moderator: Dilip Kandlur, Director, Storage Systems, Almaden Research Center
4.45  -5.30       Scenic Guided Tours of Almaden Environs (two flavors: easy and moderate)
5.30     Reception & Banquet Dinner
Speaker: V. S. Ramachandran, UCSD: The Uniqueness of the Human Brain
Thursday, May 11, 2006 - Almaden Research Center
8.15  -9.00       Continental Breakfast
9.00  -9.10   Opening Remarks
Laura Haas, Director, Computer Science, Almaden Research Center
9.10  -10.10   John Searle, UC Berkeley: Beyond Dualism
10.10  -10.30       Conversation with Refreshments
10.30  -11.30 Joaquin Fuster, UCLA: Cortical Dynamics of Working Memory
11.30  -12.30       Lunch
12.30  -1.30   Leslie Valiant, Harvard University: A Quantitative Theory of Cortex
1.30  -2.30 Toby Berger, University of Virginia: The Four C's of Neuroinformation Theory: Coding, Computing, Control and Cognition
2.30  -3.00       Conversation with Refreshments
3.00  -4.00   Christof Koch, Caltech: Consciousness
4.10  -5.10   Concluding Panel: The Future of Cognitive Computing
All speakers participating
Moderator: William Pulleyblank, Vice President, IBM Global Services
5.10  -5.15   Closing Remarks
Stuart Feldman, Vice President, Computer Science, IBM

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